A variety of industry organizations offer specialized zertifizierungen projektmanagement professionals. The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) issues a Master Project Manager certification to individuals who meet the commission’s requirements. This certification is not exclusively for project managers, but also covers business and technical responsibilities of the role. Professionals with a Master’s degree or other relevant training, or military personnel, may qualify for fee waivers. Other exemptions include those who are project management instructors.

A PMP certification is valid for three years and is renewable by completing 60 hours of approved professional development activities. The PMP exam is updated every three years, and the new format will include 180 questions, two 10-minute breaks, and three “domains” rather than the previous five. The exam is based on the three phases of project management. Candidates should have some project management experience to prepare for the exam, though. After taking a few practice tests, they can move on to the real thing.

For aspiring project managers, earning a PM certificate can result in a pay increase or a career change. While most certifications require some experience, the process can be accelerated by volunteering for a project within an organization. You can also apply for roles in an organization without a project management background and work your way up. This will give you experience and a chance to gain professional recognition. In addition to a project management certificate, you can earn a PDU by pursuing further education in project management.

CSSBB is a globally recognized certification for project managers. It requires eighteen different certifications to earn and is accredited by the ASQ institute. It is also accredited, which means the certificate holders can access high-paying jobs in their field. It also requires candidates to have three years of experience working on 2 types of projects. The CSSBB exam also requires applicants to submit project affidavits. The exam is an extensive evaluation of your ability to apply the principles of Agile project management.

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