Varicocele Vein
The Testicles veins may be swollen, diagnosed as Varicocele. The testicles reproduce the sperms and these penis difficulties will result in severe reproduction difficulties. Varicocele might possibly not possibly be the reason behind male infertility, as this is not clinically proven. However, the swollen vein may cause obstruction of semen reproduction resulting in infertility. With Male infertility clinic in Chennai, the situation can be diagnosed with processes such as for example vitro fertilization may be used.
Erectile Dysfunction problems
Erectile Dysfunction in man is just a typical issue.

Males have challenges in maintaining erection during sexual intercourse. When a male had ED condition, they may undergo painful intercourse. Many situations this contributes in premature ejaculation, genitals undergo inflamed, urethra abnormalities, emotional related male troubles and interference in sexual relationships. andrologist in chennai provide specialized healthcare therapies and therapies to male short-term ED troubles. When erection dysfunction is treated, it also cures infertility difficulties.
Serious Treatment
Chronic Ailments may call for long-term treatments. As an example anabolic steroids, cancer drugs, anti inflammatory prescription drugs, ulcer medications, hypertension or testosterone medication treatments would likewise lead to reduced sperm count in men.

The medications are known to interfere with ordinary functioning of replica system leading to male infertility complications, at-times temporary troubles.
Medical surgeries
Apart from medication, there are several medical Surgeries that would lead to irregular sperm fertility in male ejaculation. Prostrate, testicular, vasectomy, rectal cancer surgeries, hernia would greatly reduce sperm count. However, after health care treatments sperms can be re directed to testicles.

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