By noticing the portmanteau word Poker qq, we know that it has something to do with betting. It is done on the internet, this type of gambling contains Poker, Casinos, Sports betting, Lotteries. These were first started in the year 1994 and it was an International Lottery, which was opened for the general public. It got popularity in the late 1990s and there were fifteen Poker qq websites in 1996 and it has increased rapidly up to 200 in the following years. At present, its market price is worth around $40 billion globally.

Boon and Bane of Poker qq:
Everything has its boon and bane this poker qq also has its advantages and disadvantages. After knowing the risk in gambling people still play them. Some of the pros are
• It gives nice entertainment to the people who play, as most of the people play it but some of them only take it seriously in winning and losing. If they win, they get money if not they will just think that they had paid money for entertaining them.
• You can feel convenient and comfortable while sitting at your house and play your desired gambling, all you want is internet access in your home.
• Through your Poker qq account, you can get to choose your own game for betting like Sports betting. Bingo, Horse racing betting, and many others.
• Players who play frequently, accurately, and bet regularly will also get bonuses and rewards.

As mentioned, they are different gambling done on the worldwide web like Poker Gambling, Casino Gambling, Sports betting, and many others. People in the period of late 19’s and early 20’s were very much interested in playing games in poker qq as they can make money from them.

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