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Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer Review

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep FryerThere is nothing like cooking your favorite fried food on a Presto GranPappy 05411 Electric Deep Fat Fryer. Of course you can use an ordinary frying pan but the results will not be the same. If you want to make those French fries or chicken extra crispy, what you need is too cook them deep in boiling oil and you cannot do that with any cooking apparatus unless it is an electric deep fat fryer. There are various types of deep fryers.

The most common type is the ones are used by fast-food cooks. However, this type of deep fryer is not that safe. If safety is what you are looking for then you might as well opt for a cool touch deep fryer. This particular deep frying equipment can be found in many kitchens. It is safer because of its insulation. The only downside about this type of deep fryer is its lack of versatility. You can only cook a limited number of fried dishes with this fryer.

Electric Deep Fat Fryer

The Presto GranPappy 05411 Electric Deep Fat Fryer as well as other deep frying devices can be purchased from various department stores nationwide. However, prices usually vary according to the seller.  Top brand deep fat fryers tend to cost due to obvious trademark reasons. Though leading home and kitchen equipment manufacturers are most likely to hog the market share, partly because of massive advertising campaigns, this does not mean that other brands produce inferior quality products. In fact, there are other alternative brands that are proven to be as efficient as their more well-known counterparts in terms of quality and value.

Take the Presto GranPappy 05411 Electric Deep Fat Fryer, for example. Instead of relying heavily on full-scale ad campaigns, the reputation of Presto leans more on a direct-experience oriented market image. Despite the lack of noisy commercial ballyhoo, the Presto 05411 has been getting a lot of positive buzz from various home and kitchen improvement forums online. This is not quite surprising considering the fact that this superb Presto Granpappy fryer is packed with the best features that one would ever look for in a modern deep fat fryer.

presto granpappy review

Presto GranPappy 05411 Electric Deep Fat Fryer Main Features

  • Super heavy-duty cast aluminum construction
  • Top class nonstick finish
  • Skid-resistant rubber feet
  • 1500 watts frying power
  • Comes with a snap-on lid, a magnetic safety cord, and a slotted scoop

Apart from these amazing main features, there is more to the Presto Granpappy. In fact, more than you could ever imagine. For instance, this outstanding deep fat fryer is equipped with an internal thermostat that maintains the ideal frying temperature of the device. This means that you can enjoy better tasting deep fried delights such as sizzling crispy pork meat, chicken, onion rings, and a whole lot more in just a few minutes.  Its heavy cast aluminum construction allows hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. In short, the Presto 05411is a hands down pick when it comes to quality, easy-operation, and of course, affordability. Check out other Presto Granpappy review sites to know more about the Presto GranPappy 05411 Electric Deep Fat Fryer.

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