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Emerilware Stainless Steel Digital Immersion Fryer Review

Emerilware Stainless Steel Digital Immersion FryerI have an old deep fryer that I have been using for a couple of years now and it suddenly showed signs of getting busted. So right before it gives me any trouble, I decided to buy deep fryer as replacement. I was reading through a lot of products on the internet when I stumbled upon a number of Emerilware reviews. One particular review even regarded the Emerilware fryer as one of the best in the market today. Well, most of it sounded good anyway so why not try it, right? And I did.

Recently, I bought this lightweight and easy-to-assemble 1700-watt Emerilware deep fryer from Amazon, specifically Emerilware FR7009001, which came with a cooking chart with recommended settings and times. So far, I am happy with it. I tried out some frozen stuff like French fries, nuggets and hash browns and it worked very well, not to mention that its high-quality stainless steel outer shell looked absolutely beautiful on my kitchen counter. It looks like an almost perfect deep fryer except for a few slipups.

Let me run down the things that I like with this Emerilware deep fryer and those that dont work for it:

What I like:

  1. Maintenance has got to be the first on my list. Its so simple! This Emerilware deep fryer, powered with built-in automatic oil filtering system, cleans and drains in seconds and saves oil for multiple uses. It also has a self-contained removable and re-sealable oil storage container. All parts, except for the heating element, are dishwasher-safe, too! The frying baskets handle can easily be folded for dishwashing purposes.
  2. It has 4-heat digitally controlled thermostat that ranges from 320F/160C to 375F/190C and a built-in, easy-to-read digital timer for frying a variety of foods precisely. Plus, it only takes 5 short minutes for the oil to heat up. It has a handy indicator light that switches on as it reaches the proper temperature.
  3. It also boasts of an oil change indicator light that tells you when to change oil. What a smart little appliance!
  4. This Emerilware deep fryer has a food capacity of 2.65 lbs, which is big enough to prepare food for roughly a family of four. That saves you time for several other things to prepare, right? It has a minimum oil capacity of 12 cups and a maximum of 14 cups.
  5. And speaking of food, it produces relatively good quality foods. When I tried frying fries with it, they turned out crispier that I ever expected. The frying times listed in the instructional booklet that came along with the fryer are accurate.  I hardly had a difficult time cooking.
  6. It also has an extra-large viewing window where you can check on the food without letting the heat come out while frying, and a nifty permanent filter that helps reduce cooking odors.

What needs improvement:

  1. Filtering oil and draining with this Emerilware deep fryer takes up to 3 hours to complete so be sure you have that extra patience. And even then, the oil is still quite hot so beware.
  2. Extra caution in the alignment of the oil pan has also to be taken when draining. Misalignment may lead to oil leakage, which could be messy.
  3. This one could be petty for some but I just felt that the safety plug is just a little too short and I could not use a generic extension cord for it.

So taking all these pros and cons into perspective, Im thoroughly impressed. I didnt even feel sorry anymore for not being able to use my good old deep fryer. I recommend the Emerilware deep fryer to everyone.