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Barbecue Grills Buying Guide

Barbecue parties are among the most common activities that families and friends often hold anywhere in the country. Men always take pride in their barbecue recipes and almost all the time, they forbid their wives from meddling into their grilling process. The grill is the man’s best friend. To this effect, choosing the perfect Barbecue grill is essential to create the perfectly cooked barbecues, burgers and steaks too. The process of choosing the barbecue grill must rely on the person who will be using the grill for cooking. There are different types of grills and each type has its own pros and cons. The type of grill that should be bought will depend on the usage of the grill. This barbecue grills buying guide will walk consumers through a checklist of factors that needs to be looked into before making a purchase.


1. Size of the grill

This is one of the most important things that needs to be considered when buying a barbecue grill. The size of the grill will determine the amount of food it would gold in a single batch and also the amount of time it would need to cook for a large number of people. If the consumer is planning on buying a barbecue grill, there is a big chance that he or she is planning on holding a barbecue party at their house. Now, consider the number of people who will be coming to the party and relate it to the size of the grill. The last thing that the buyers want is to spend all of their time cooking instead of enjoying the party. For a larger crowd, a larger grill will do the job. But if the buyer is just planning to grill for a few friends of 5 to 6 people, then there are smaller grills which will be perfect for more intimate outdoor parties.

2. Available Space

Aside from the size of the grill, consumers must also check if there are any spaces available for the grill outside. Of course, the larger grills would take up much space than the smaller ones.

3. Built in or Portable?

The buyers must also determine if they intend to have a barbecue grill that is stationary or if they would want to bring it to other places especially during camping trips. Built- in barbecue grills are usually connected to the house’s main pipeline and instead of wheels and legs, these built- in grills are set- up in concrete beds. Some even set-up their own backyard kitchen with the built- in grill as the main cooking appliance. Portable barbecue grills offer more versatility. They can be brought to other places and owners can even let their friends borrow their grills. These types usually have wheels for easy transport and the larger ones are made to look like carts.

4. Extra Features

When buying grills, it is essential for the buyer to check other features like that of safety and protection. These grills can reach extremely high temperatures and the appropriate types are those with non- heating handles. Other features like wheels and stands should also be checked especially for the portable types. If wheels are installed, buyers must check if there is a safety lock to keep the grill in place when cooking.

These factors must carefully be included in the decision making process. Potential owners of barbecue grills must also check the price of the barbecue grills if it would fit into their allotted budget. But aside from those factors, there is another barbecue grill necessity that must be reviewed carefully. And that is the type of heat source.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal GrillsCharcoal grills are among the oldest types of grills but they are still being utilized today. The advantage of charcoal barbecue grills is that it produces that unique smoky flavor and char in the food that is being grilled in it. Charcoal is also readily available and it is quite easy to start a fire using these materials. Some consumers do not like the charcoal grills because some of the charcoal debris can float in the air and stick to the food. But the flavors caused by the charcoal are really distinct and yummy at the same time.

Electric Grills

An electric grill is probably the most convenient type of barbecue grill that can be sued by consumers. There is really no need to learn how to start fire or get nervous cooking in this grill because it is fairly easy to use. Electric grills are also portable and they can be brought to other places easily. An electric barbecue grill also do not give off that much smoke and fumes while grilling so it is the best grill type to be used in small and tight spaces. Unfortunately, many consumers complain that electric grilling takes much longer to char the food compared to the other types and the flavors are not that developed too. Electric grills, although portable, will also not be suitable for use when camping without a power outlet.

Gas Grills

Gas GrillsGas grills are the preferred types by many homeowners and grillers today. It is also the type with the most units sold in stores. Gas grills can either be portable or built- in. gas grills also has a lot of models and types which offer a wide variety of extra features. Contrary to the belief of some people, gas grills are actually quite easy to setup. There must be a gas wire which connects the burners to the gas source. Built- in gas grills are lined directly to the house pipeline while portable gas grills usually have a small tank of gas with them. Cooking in gas barbecue grills is just like cooking in a gas range or burner. There is a dial in the front that allows the cooker to control the flame inside. Propane tanks are also readily available if the family would want to take the grill into a camping site.

Having a barbecue party is a great way to spend time with family and friends at the same time cook a very delicious meal for them. The consumers must choose which type of barbecue grill they will purchase and base it on their plan of usage. Buying an expensive grill does not guarantee a perfect grilling experience. The best thing to do is to review all of the options and choose the best one based on its features and not the price.